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Our subtitling solutions in more than 100 languages and in various distribution formats can help.

We provide subtitles for DVD, television (documentaries, series, movies, animation), video games, ads and video, all with professional software. Our expertise in this area allows us to operate with relative ease in this market, not only ensuring the traditional subtitling steps (translating, adapting and inserting the time-codes of the subtitles) but also creating subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Quality in More Than 100 Languages

We resort to our wide global network of translators and subtitlers to ensure the best work. Our advanced quality control tools ensure that all the files that we deliver to our customers comply to the highest technical requirements.

Efficient Work Flow Management

We use methods and automated processes to produce high-quality subtitles faster, saving our customers time and money. Our optimised workflows increase the productivity of our staff and allows them to complete projects sooner.

Real Time Project Tracking

We simplify the collaboration and management of resources and teams in your global subtitling projects. Track the progress of your project and review and approve the latest versions of your subtitles using our real-time project tracking platform.

Case Studies

See some of our success stories in the subtitling industry.

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