Testing for mobile devices and apps

The Smartphone Revolution has changed how we communicate on a personal and on a business level. With all the information that is just one touch away and millions of apps for mobile phones/tablets and websites with an optimised version for this kind of platform, it is essential to have an alternative to the traditional desktop computer.

If your company is thinking about translating and localising mobile devices and apps, you should not neglect the importance of the testing phase. In this process, all the app’s menus and options are analysed to make sure that there are no translation, formatting or functional problems. Besides identifying and correcting errors or bugs, the testing phase can also include suggestions to enhance the product before it is launched on the market. Some of the problems related to apps that are most common in this phase are excessively long text segments (that break the lines destined for the text), poor grammar and vocabulary (for instance, verb conjugation) or poor context.

A few examples of our testing options:

Functional Tests

These are designed to verify the mobile device or app functions and are carried out through a combination of standardised test cases according to the product’s category (for instance: games, social networks, etc.) and exploratory tests.

Usability Tests

These tests evaluate apps according to standards and recommendations for usability in mobile devices and apps.

Performance Tests

These tests evaluate three important elements: use of resources (CPU, memory and data traffic), battery consumption and signal efficiency.

Security Tests

These tests identify the exposure of users’ sensitive data, such as passwords and bank and personal information.

Stability Tests

These tests verify the stability of a mobile device or app in conditions of extreme use.

[lvca_piecharts bar_color=”#ffac4a” track_color=”#ffffff” per_line=”1″][lvca_piechart_item percentage=”48″ stats_title=”Probability of abandonment in defective apps”][/lvca_piecharts]
48% of mobile users are less likely to use their mobile device or app again if it does not work properly.

Make sure that the testing process being used gives you the necessary safeguards for the high performance of your mobile device or app.

What makes us different?

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Do you need to test your mobile device or app?

We provide testing solutions for mobile devices and apps to review every detail of the user experience, from functional tests to performance and context tests.