Software Testing

Before making your software available to the public, search for a trusted solution for testing it. Our team of internal or external linguists works hard to make sure that your project is ready to be launched on the market.

In the software localisation process, we do not just check linguistic issues (spelling, grammar, punctuation, translation errors or translations that can be improved). We also pay great attention to things like formatting, system errors, localisation of hyperlinks, or issues with graphics. We make functional tests based on security, usability, configuration, functionality and performance of your software. We provide continuous follow-up on your project (even after its delivery).

Which components of your software will be tested?

Areas related to localisation, such as user interfaces, user manuals and other content

Specific areas related to cultural, language and regional issues

Basic features

Update and configuration in the localised version

Hardware compatibility, according to the product’s target audience

What kind of testing do we perform?


Translation Testing

We select the best native translators from our community to test the translations of your software and to make sure that there are no language mistakes that may compromise the positive impact your software might have on consumers.


Localisation Testing

To be successful worldwide, software must be easily understood by its target market. During the localisation testing phase, our testers detect formatting and cultural issues, for example.


Internationalisation Testing

Internationalisation is a testing step that aims at making a software culturally flexible and neutral to cultural, financial and legal aspects of a country. International software must include, for instance, different formats for numbers and algorithms.

What kind of checks do we perform in terms of the user interface and the language component?

  • Validation of all the features of an app;
  • Verification of linguistic accuracy and software attributes;
  • Identification and correction of typos;
  • Confirmation of the translation’s high quality;
  • Confirmation of the translation’s completeness;
  • Terminological consistency of all documents and User Interface;
  • Confirmation that your company’s information (such as contact details or technical support phone numbers for the software) is current;
  • Usability of the user interface;
  • Evaluation of cultural adequacy;
  • Identification of potentially sensitive political and regulatory content;
  • Verification of the consistency of printed documents, online help, messaging, interface features, commands, dialogue boxes, hyperlinks, and so on. If you have already released previous versions of the same software, we confirm that the translation is consistent with the other versions.

Localise your software quickly and without any setbacks.


Expand your business by increasing the presence of your brand around the world.


Make your software accessible in all your consumers’ languages.


Benefit from the knowledge of our native, experienced linguists in software localisation projects.


Increase your consumers’ satisfaction rate.


Keep costs down thanks to the efficiency provided by the best tools on the market.

Do you need to test your software?

A successful software localisation process guarantees that the final user completely understands the product’s features and uses them to the full and much more efficiently.