Video Game Testing

One of the fastest growing niches in the translation and localisation industry is video game testing. It is a thorough, complex process in which the whole game is gone through, looking not only for spelling or grammar errors, but also for other issues that can cause problems, such as potentially problematic or inappropriate words to the target context, text that is too long for the box in which it is inserted or system bugs, among many other details. It is especially important because in most cases it is the last step before launching a game to the general public.

SMARTIDIOM’S EXPERTISE provides testing solutions for video games in more than 100 languages, always being in contact with experienced linguists who present not only corrections but also suggestions for improvement and personalization, with the constant aim of harnessing the full potential of your product.

Our TESTING METHOD must be able to guarantee the best possible results at the lowest possible costs to our customers. In our team’s organisation of resources, methods and processes, test tools are the result of creativity, reasoning and added value “of our people” and their skills.

Whatever the challenge that comes our way:


We carry out a detailed analysis of all the activities and projects entrusted to us;


We recommend the best approach to effective project management and a proper interaction with your teams;


We present quotes and delivery schedules tailored to your needs;


We put our tools at your disposal or incorporate the tools you desire;


We establish communication and control procedures that ensure compatibility between proposed objectives and the results achieved.

Our video game testing team consists of…

Language testers

who correct all spelling, syntactic, grammatical and semantic errors.

QA testers

who are video gamers and detect any bugs in a video game’s software.

Compatibility testers

who detect and report problems with the features of your game.

Do you need to test your video game?

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