Testing of web apps

SMARTIDIOM provides testing solutions for web apps. In the testing process, we thoroughly examine all options, menus and interface elements, paying special attention to any linguistic issues (spelling, grammar, text adequacy, style) and other elements related to formatting, graphics and functions. We do more than simply listing (and directly correcting) the errors; we also identify everything that might be improved, so that you make the most of your app.

We have localisation partnerships with many international brands because…

We only work with expert native translators.
We test our translations in the localised devices, for context.
We charge by the word, without any extra hidden costs.
We are always up to date on market trends and most used tools in the industry.
We support more than 100 languages.

Localise your app with ease

Go International

Reach the international market by localising your app to the languages of your target markets.


Manage your content and translations through a single, unifying global solution.


Our glossaries, created for each project, enhance the consistency of the final product.

How we work

Our project management team knows everything there is to know about the localisation process for web apps and can help you each step of the way:

Send us your content strings and we will send you a quote within 24 hours;


After your approval, our project management team will choose the best technological and human resources and begin the project;


At the end of the translation phase, we will ask you for a an app version (build) so we can begin the testing phase;


We deliver the project by the agreed deadline and with all the quality assurance of a SMARTIDIOM service.

Do you need to test your web app?

If you have any questions or need our advice regarding the best languages in which to localise your project, call us.  We are sure to have a solution for your dialect!