Translation and localisation for online help content

Most of the time, online help content is the biggest volume sent for translation during a localisation project as it is gradually taking the place of previous printed version of all the documents shipped with any product. By publishing accurate online help topics in multiple languages allows monitored access to your software users on a global sale and you will also be providing them with the necessary help and support in their own languages, any time and any where they need it.

SMARTIDIOM can help you reach your clients, no matter where they are or what they speak. Translating your online help content is essential for your target audience to get all the information they need, when they need it, in their own mother tongue. If you do not provide them with this, they may well opt for one of your competitors.

Enhance your client service and get fewer complaints.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to solve a software problem, looking through pages of a badly translated user manual that hinders more than it helps. Our native, specialised linguists, either internal staff or outside service providers, are prepared to answer your widest business ambitions. We care about making sure your content is accurate, fluent and user-friendly, and we collaborate directly with our clients to deliver exactly what they are expecting. Learn more about our supported file formats.

Enhance your client’s experiences, helping them help themselves.

By providing online help and support content, with clear, accurate, useful information in your client’s native language, you are allowing users to save time and effort because they immediately find what they need without having to wait for an email or a phone call from your call centre. It is also an advantage for your brand since it implies a significant decrease in costs with support and staff training.

Get information in real time about your project.

Our dedicated project managers play a fundamental role in controlling every aspect of your project from beginning to end, ensuring that your goals and requirements are properly achieved. Your project manager keeps you up to date about overall progress and is a bridge between your team and our linguists.

Advantages of providing online help content in multiple languages:


Significantly decreases the number of support phone calls and complaints while increasing the overall level of client satisfaction;


Reduces costs and the number of staff members on your client service department;


Provides technical support 24/7.

Improves the localisation of your software by providing online help content in multiple languages. Hiring SMARTIDIOM and our online help translation solutions, whether independently or as part of your localisation strategy, restores your peace of mind. We take care of planning, preparing and executing the project so the final result surpasses your expectations. We are familiar with all stages of preparation of each source document, the translation and adaptation of your product to every target culture, the visual content engineering and the product testing before it is officially launched on your target markets.

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