Translation and localisation for online stores

Does your company have an e-commerce website?
Do you want to sell your products internationally?
Do you want to go global?

The secret lies in the details. Your clients do not just want to read content in their language. They want texts and speech that sound naturally fluent, functional and user-friendly, or that promote a special connection and capture their attention. If your business has a web platform – which is sort of inevitable nowadays – it is very likely that you have thought about publishing your online store in more languages.

Get in touch with us! SMARTIDIOM offers intelligent solutions to translate and localise content for your online store or for any other kind of service you provide online. We worry about adapting everything for your target consumer and about marketing strategies, always considering the translation of content in a way to boost customer loyalty. It is not enough to translate content word by word. Our translators have years of experience in online content localisation. Whether you need a welcome text for your homepage, user interface options (from product search to the payment page) or advice on the marketability of certain countries, we always have the perfect solution for your business needs.

Projects managed by specialists

Our team is familiar with the industry’s requirements. From the moment you approve your project, we assure that it is managed from beginning to end, by your dedicated project manager.

Consistent, accurate results

Accurate translations are based in four key cornerstones: professional native translators, appropriate tools, context, and project managers with years of experience in localisation projects. Combined, they help us deliver excellent results.

Detailed, intelligible quotes

We calculate the word count of your projects and apply a rate per source word. No hidden costs, no additional rates for project management, we have nothing to hide! Send us your files and receive an accurate, fair quote in 24 hours.

3 basic concepts to succeed when localising your online store:

Currency localisation

The customers visiting your store do not want to see products priced in a currency they are unfamiliar with and that they do not use. It is paramount to show your prices in the consumers’ usual currency.

Rate localisation

If you are a trader selling in a market with a strong currency, such as Great Britain, for example, you should consider reducing your rates in other markets to be more competitive. Even though your revenue may seem lower, it is a better strategy than investing in inadequate rates for your target markets.

Payment method localisation

By localising your online store, we can investigate what are the most frequent payment methods so that you can include them in your store. For example, did you know that most US online consumers prefer to pay via credit card? Or that in Germany, online buyers prefer to pay via PayPal, bank transfer or direct debit rather than via credit card? Your online store checkout should offer every user the payment method they prefer so they can be compelled to buy your products.


Faster launch in the market: The tools we use let tasks be automated, speeding up the project.


Full control over the project: We provide information in real time regarding the progress and any updates to the project to assure greater efficiency.


Security and information protection: We work exclusively with safe technology and platforms that maintain high security levels for your confidential information.


The best technology for your project: We work with dozens for file formats that help us localise software, documents and content with the same set of tools.

Do you need a proposal to translate and localise your online store?

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