Translation and localisation for video games

With an astonishing growth in the last decade, the world video gaming industry had a 16% increase in revenue in 2015, with a total of $28.7 billion (as per Newzoo). The latest studies show that the video gaming business in Portugal is now worth €30 million.

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Translation and localisation for video games has different specifications, whether we speak of the target audience, the platforms they used on or the way they have to be customised, according to where they are going to be launched. It is often a more creative industry that most others, so translators and developers work together to respond in the most appropriate way to the linguistic, technical and cultural challenges. It is not enough to translate. In every phase of the project, one has to reflect, question and discuss how the work should be customised according to the culture and the demographics targeted by the translation.

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Out native linguists are prepared to respond to any challenges and to suggest creative options to reinforce the quality of your product. Every localisation project for video games is translated, reviewed and submitted to a final quality control phase to verify every technical issue. Ask us for a quote and we will get in touch with you in less than 24 hours.

Translate and localise your video game the right way.

Our vast experience in video game localisation complements the process of developing your video game as it often results in practical localisation suggestions and ensures the precision and technicality of the final result. We guarantee that your video game will be launched at the time you have scheduled for each target market. The biggest advantage is that you can include cultural awareness and a faithful representation of local expressions and ideas in your video game.

5 secrets to ensure the efficiency of your video game localisation project:


We understand the specifications of the market where you want to launch.
We do our “homework” and investigate the video gaming industry in the countries you are targeting. First of all, it is important to see if your video game fits the list of the most popular video games in a certain country to evaluate its potential success in those markets. Before getting a development team to localise the video game, it makes sense to confirm whether the target market will receive it well and if it will be commercially viable for the video game genre you have developed.


We determine if the market has enough financial potential. 
A country with a high number of native speakers does not always mean a successful launch since consumers can sometimes not have the financial resources to invest in your game. We provide you the necessary information so you can decide if the return on your investment will compensate the time and efforts spent in localising your video game.


We are aware of the cultural standards. 
Cultural inaccuracies are proven to be the most expensive ones to fix after launching your video game – not only because your investment has to increase, but also because it affects your reputation and any future plans your company has for the game. We can help you avoid errors related to cultural or religious values, for example, or any historical context of a certain culture.


We question the local video gamers. 
There is no one better than local video gamers to provide you with feedback on the potential and receptiveness of a certain market. We use surveys, focus groups, interviews and meetings, in person or via video conference, to try to understand if that is a market that will benefit your video game.


We work exclusively with translators who are also gamers. 
They are native speakers of the target languages with wide knowledge of the language, but there is so much more! They are translators who play video games when they are not working and this is the main reason why they have the experience and proximity needed to fully understand the usual terminology in this market niche you want to explore.

Phases of a translation and localisation project:

  • Project Management
  • Translation of the video game
  • Localisation of the video game
  • Subtitling
  • Voice-over and Dubbing
  • QA

SMARTIDIOM is successful because we offer all our clients excellent solutions. We are proud to work with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, namely companies dedicated to app development, both in Indo-European and Oriental languages. Need more information? Learn more about the case study of a project managed for Awesome.

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