Translation and localisation for websites

If your website is published only in one language, you are losing an enormous potential of online markets in all the other languages that are important for the sale of your products. For example, you may be interested to learn that online markets in GermanFrenchSpanish and Japanese are highly profitable.

Recent studies demonstrate that …

There is 300% more chance that a website user buys your product if it is localised into their mother tongue.


There is 500% more chance that a website user reads a whole page of content that is written in their mother tongue.

If it is indisputable that any company today needs to be online, it is equally important to highlight the importance of localising your website to promote the success of your internationalisation strategy. Your online platform will be more successful if you are closer to your brand’s final consumers and, to get there, your website should be localised for the markets you do or want to operate in. Put your company on the map with SMARTIDIOM’s translation and localisation services for websites, customised to your brand so you can make the best use of your online presence.

Every localisation process at SMARTIDIOM includes:


Analysis of the received content and evaluation of the tools and resources required for its localisation;


Cultural, technical and linguistic evaluation and consulting;


Creating and maintaining terminology glossaries;


Translating content into the target language(s);


Adapting the user interface, including the size of your forms and dialogue boxes, as needed;


Localising graphics, images and other non-editable formats with visible text, icons, symbols, etc.;


Compiling and organising the localised files to begin testing;


Linguistic and functional quality control;


Final delivery.

Native, specialised linguists with knowledge in online marketing

Our website localisation department combines the best of two worlds: the experience of our native linguists and the knowledge of our internal staff, all of them fully dedicated to your brand. Benefit from consulting and advice from day one and the support for our project management team, who help you throughout the whole localisation process.

The best localisation software on the market

By accessing a broad range of the best localisation tools, you are less restricted when you develop your product for international markets and the localisation process is easier and more efficient. Using the most advanced technological tools in the localisation industry allows to optimise our processes and methods and to guarantee the maximum automation of every task.

Unmistakable results at the first try

You only get one chance to cause a great first impression. Many companies lose market share to their competitors by not evaluating the risks of a poor localisation strategy. In most cases, it is difficult for a company to recover from a product launch with poor results and from high costs in development, namely after small mistakes that could easily be avoided by counting on the support of an experienced localisation partner, who would be able to recommend the best tools and to plan the whole process in the right way.

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