We are in the Top 20 of the happiest companies in Portugal!

SMARTIDIOM was ranked in the Top 20 of the happiest companies in Portugal in the Happiness Works Portugal 2023 diagnosis, which evaluates the level of happiness in organisational work and evaluates the happiest companies in Portugal to work for since 2012.

Growing satisfaction levels

A SMARTIDIOM foi distinguida como uma das TOP melhores PME de Portugal em 2021. Um reconhecimento no mercado do nosso trabalho, qualidade, credibilidade e confiança.

TOP 5% Best SMEs in Portugal

TOP 5% Best SMEs in Portugal SMARTIDIOM was distinguished as one of the TOP best SMEs in Portugal in 2021. A market recognition of our work, quality, credibility and trust.

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Five golden rules for localising your online store content

Throughout the pandemic, having more spare time has led to people diving into new work areas more than ever before, making them more likely to branch into new industries for themselves. The internet has provided the obvious place to sell any product or service, leading to the number of online stores skyrocketing.
artigo - internacionalização

3 reasons why you should use native translators for your internationalisation projects

The time has come: you’ve finally decided to internationalise your business! You’ve designed your strategy and are searching for professionals to meet your expectations and help win over new overseas markets. You may already be aware that you can’t hire just anyone. It would be best if you chose experienced linguists who specialise in the subject matter of your content. We’ll give you one more tip to ensure your internationalisation strategy is a raging success: choose native linguists. Why? There are three big reasons: Excellent command of the target language Yes, we know what you’re thinking. So many people make shocking mistakes in their languages: but we’re not talking about your average person here – these are professionals who focus on producing perfect language day after day.

Growing satisfaction levels – 2020

Every year, we assess our metrics, results and, consequently, the satisfaction levels of everyone connected to SMARTIDIOM. By now you all know that we value the satisfaction of our employees, subcontractors and clients very highly and strive to provide them all with excellence to the highest degree. One of our goals is to keep improving, developing, growing and learning. And that applies to every area of our business!

SMARTIDIOM’s 9th Anniversary

SMARTIDIOM was founded on 31 May 2012. It was a dream come true for our CEO, Carla Gaspar. As the years have passed, SMARTIDIOM has grown, evolved and learned. Now, after nine years, SMARTIDIOM is what we always dreamed it would be. As a team and as a company, the results have been incredible, and the team has proved itself to be strong, dedicated and enthusiastic, even in the toughest of times.
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