Our client has its headquarters in the north of the country, in a heavily industrialized region and where innovation and entrepreneurship, consistently allow for the internationalisation of products, innovations and, ultimately, the country. The company in question is dedicated to producing high-quality technical footwear for different industries with the need for safety, as well as by strict regulatory standards that govern them.
Thanks to continuous research and the combination of materials, design and innovative techniques, our client managed to internationalise its sales to several countries around the world.



The company approached SMARTIDIOM’s dedicated project manager with a request to subtitle a promotional video into two languages. It was a short report produced by a Portuguese television channel which stressed and celebrated the company’s successful internationalisation. Our client wanted to have this report subtitled in English and French to be able to present the excellent outcome of its investigation and dedication in the external markets. The project required the transcription of the audio contents, the assessment of the final text, the knowledge of the intended subtitling format and, ultimately, knowledge on the product and the research mentioned in the report in order to provide the best possible result.



Taking into account the characteristics of the request, SMARTIDIOM began by asking if the translated versions already existed or if the client wanted that additional service included in the quote. A turnkey solution was presented that included all the services the client would need. After confirming where the video would be played in order to understand what type of subtitling to apply (along with some additional questions to get to know the people in the video better as well as the brand), we assembled a team of technical translators, audiovisual translators and video editing technicians. The audio was transcribed to an editable document and the translation began, with special care to ensure that the final version was suitable for adaptation to subtitling. Then a native speaker reviewed the first phase of the translation, the text was edited so it could be included in subtitles. Lastly, with all the information regarding times, speakers and final text, the video editing technicians were able to add the subtitles to both videos that the client could make use of immediately.



We were not only able to respond to the client’s initial request, but also provide additional services that allowed it to quickly and conveniently get a swift, complete, high-quality service, using professionals who have proven training and experience in the field.


“Thank you for the promptness and wonderful friendliness. We really liked the work that was done.”

Adriana Mano, Marketing Manager




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