Blink Eye is directed to the creation, development and production of visual media, having as its main component photography and video, which Blink-Eye uses to obtain excellent results through the accomplishment of catalogues, websites, product videos and institutional videos, graphic images and other media that the clients have at their disposal.



One morning, Blink-Eye got in touch with SMARTIDIOM because it required a creative slogan for an advertisement that would have to be delivered for publication by the end of that afternoon. What was intended was the design of a creative phrase that would serve as the promotional slogan for Blink-Eye’s activity in a specialised publication geared for internationalization and, therefore, it was necessary to suggest something that would set the company apart from its competition, by raising interest and curiosity in the reader. Although Blink-Eye had already set its visual component, the client had not yet been able to reach a satisfactory result, with the added difficulty in bringing together the written and creative component which should accompany the selected image. Given the specificity of the request, Blink-Eye felt the need for a partner specialized in copywriting solutions — SMARTIDIOM. A copywriter and a marketer were made available and travelled to the client’s premises, where they obtained the respective briefing, including the target of the message, the tone of the communication, the elements that accompanied it, the company’s philosophy, among other components.



Equipped with the information provided by the client and in connection with the administration and the marketing department at Blink-Eye, benefiting from the know-how of SMARTIDIOM’s in-house staff at the level of marketing and copywriting, it was possible to provide the client, within an hour, with three sentences with formulations and distinct ideas, according to the initial philosophy, in order to achieve a working basis regarding one of these ideas. After a brief discussion about the pros and cons of the message, including the visual component that was to accompany the publication, the client came up with a final decision on one of the suggested slogans without having to resort to additional editing or adaptation.



Through the flexibility SMARTIDIOM applies in its services and its resources, it was possible to provide the client with an on-the-spot service that enabled the exchange of ideas and a better understanding of what was intended. Not only did SMARTIDIOM have access to a privileged information channel, due to the fact that it was in direct contact with the client, but Blink-Eye itself could discuss ideas that already existed, in a close and simple manner, in order to achieve the slogan it needed – accurately and swiftly. Ultimately, all the publicity was reformulated, written and visually, and the client ended up having a complete and coherent solution, which combined all the applicable components and achieved the initial purposes. Consequently, Blink-Eye was able to, in due course, contact the publisher and get its publicity figured in a specialty magazine with the aim of attracting potential clients. A goal that could’ve been compromised if the solution given by SMARTIDIOM hadn’t been so quick, personalized and adapted to the client’s reality.


5-star rating!

Filipe Ribeiro, CEO




Founded in 2012, SMARTIDIOM offers innovative multilingual services, helping global organisations and brands to grow and achieve international success. Our solutions include technical translation, technical writing, website and software localisation, software and hardware testing, copywriting, transcreation (creative translation for marketing and advertising), subtitling, interpreting, narration and audio/video transcription. Actively present in 25 countries, SMARTIDIOM partners with clients from a wide variety of industries, including Marketing and Advertising, IT and Software, Telecommunications, Construction, Energy and the Environment.