Make-A-Wish Portugal is a humanitarian foundation affiliated with Make-A-Wish International. The goal of this foundation is to carry out the wishes of children and youngsters between the ages of 3 and 18, with serious, malignant, progressive, degenerative or terminal diseases, with the purpose of providing them with a unique moment of joy, happiness and hope. SMARTIDIOM wanted to embrace this cause and contacted Make-a-Wish Portugal to know how it could help the foundation.



Make-A-Wish Portugal needed a promotional video subtitled in Portuguese and so, with this in mind, it contacted SMARTIDIOM to execute this project. With the intention of making this project pro bono, SMARTIDIOM joined efforts to deliver Make-A-Wish a quality product and able to convey the desired message. But there were several challenges: the video file was in a format that wasn’t supported by SMARTIDIOM’s equipment, there was also the technical issue of whether they wanted to see translated the functions and roles of the interveners in the video, or not, and figure out what type of platform they intended to use to broadcast the video’s communication, dissemination and promotion.



SMARTIDIOM’s team took this project to heart and devoted all of its willingness and commitment so that the end result was as perfect as possible. The first order of the day was to assign a dedicated project manager in order to keep a specific and direct channel of communication. Subsequently, Make-a-Wish was contacted with the intent of knowing if they had the video in a format that would be compatible with SMARTIDIOM’s equipment. With the communication channel in full operation, the video was made readily available by Make-A-Wish in the shortest time possible and so work on this project was able to start in a timely manner. Furthermore, Make-A-Wish reported that there was no need to translate the oracles with information regarding the roles of the interveners and that the video would be released on various online platforms and social networks. Based on this information, SMARTIDIOM suggested that the best option would be to directly implement the subtitles in the video to ensure its presentation, regardless of the choice of platform. For aesthetic and communicational issues, the option was the non-insertion of subtitling for the roles of the interveners, thus channelling the attention to the content released in the video.



By assigning a dedicated project manager, SMARTIDIOM was able to establish a relationship of close and direct contact with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Ultimately, the work developed by the whole team corresponded, as best as possible, to the expectations and ambitions that were set out by the foundation. The final product was produced according to the assumptions of Make-A-Wish and delivered before the deadline that was set for its completion.


“We’ll have a lot more peace of mind if we have a reliable translation made by professionals like you!

Sofia Pascoal, Communication Dpt.

Make-A-Wish® Portugal



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