The end client is an event organiser with a great brand and presence in major cities across Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. Its specialty is to reach out to all the participants of the enterprise world in B2B events during the year, investing in the search of people, of problems in need of a solution and commercial objectives with a larger probability of success and minor risk. In view of these international events, the client needs to guarantee that the information regarding its events is clear in all languages. This mission was entrusted to SMARTIDIOM with the aim of ensuring that publications and other materials intended for the Brazilian market were translated with accuracy and consistency.



During the last 18 months, SMARTIDIOM has worked on monthly projects for this client, with daily translations of materials related to B2B events and conferences in the field of insurance. The target market is Latin America and, as such, the target language is Brazilian Portuguese. Based on the vast network of external human resources, various kinds of documents have been translated, from email contacts of the event organizers to all interested parties or all participants, through the speakers’ biographies, to the detailed description of the event’s contents, in documents of a high graphical composition. The main factor to be taken into account would be, without a doubt, the premise to ensure that all materials delivered reflected the voice and the style of the client as well as its insurance industry partners. To do so, it was essential to draw up an ethical discourse, without imperfections and formal, but friendly, in order to interact with the target audience and to achieve the participation of the largest possible number of people in these events.



The need to maintain this style in materials delivered to the client was of major importance; hence the need to standardize some of the options, according to the client’s requirements. SMARTIDIOM chose an elite group of external collaborators with profiles that emphasized the linguistic redaction and correction that corresponded to that which was requested and, from the very beginning, relied on this team for this project. Therefore, a strong guarantee was given that the texts were translated by professionals who became familiar with the client’s preferences and who raised a question whenever a term, preference or specification of the text did not fit the target audience. In addition to stylistic coherence, it was necessary to ensure that there was also consistency on a terminological level, from the name of the events to the client’s option not to translate the participants’ professional positions. To meet this requirement, before sending any documents to the translators, a set of specific and mandatory references was compiled to be upheld. Firstly, style guides for the events concerning each insurance sector (e.g., health insurances, microinsurances, among others).  Secondly, a translation memory was created for these events, as well as a bilingual glossary, in a format that could be easily used in various types of computer-aided translation tools.



With a well-defined working method, worked on by an invariable team of professionals, it was possible to send the client clear, high quality translations whose fluidity equaled that of texts written in the source language. Moreover, the quality of this project also opened the doors to obtaining a considerable monthly workload, which further allowed the strengthening of the working, but gracious, relationship between SMARTIDIOM and its client. The client was extremely pleased with the results obtained and even insisted on gracing SMARTIDIOM with an inspirational comment, one that the company was keen to share with all parties involved in the process.


“Me pongo en contacto con vosotras para comunicaros que el cliente quedó muy contento con la traducción del brochure de la semana pasada. Muchísimas gracias por vuestro trabajo.”

Beatriz Blanco, Project Manager

Mc Lehm Language Services



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