Founded in 1994, Panidor specialises in manufacturing deep-frozen bakery products and was a pioneer in this type of products in Portugal. It currently provides a vast range of products that are often found in supermarkets and larger department stores: from several types of bread to a delicious variety of cakes. The company often needs its labels, packaging and brochures translated into several languages, as this is one of the key factors in the success of its exports. The deadlines for submitting the translations tend to be very tight, so they often need resources that can ensure a high quality and rapid turnaround.



At 10 am one morning, SMARTIDIOM received a request for the translation of a list of ingredients, from Portuguese into Polish.  The request was urgent, given that the client needed the translation ready by 1 pm the same day. The number of words did not present any problem. However, Polish is not a language that is spoken by any of SMARTIDIOM’s internal staff, so it was necessary to resort to external service providers, an issue that would make this project very difficult if no-one was available.



SMARTIDIOM’s prompt response was essential. The client was immediately reassured as to the compliance with the delivery time, a mandatory requirement for this project This was only possible after contacting one of the usual translators SMARTIDIOM resorts to for this client, concerning translations into Polish, who promptly agreed to help us with this request. However, confirmation regarding the availability of one of the regular reviewers was still needed, something that occurred minutes later. The document was revised, the final assessment of the document took place internally and the delivery was made 20 minutes before the deadline.



SMARTIDIOM’s rapid response, not only to the client’s request, ensuring the deadline would be met, but especially in terms of the methods and processes that were undertaken, ensured the success of the whole project. The main triumphs of this project can be emphasised as follows:

  • The easy research of external human resources in the database permitted the rapid selection of the appropriate resources for this language pair and their immediate contact to ensure their availability;
  • The allocation of the same dedicated project manager who had previously dealt with Panidor enabled the PM to know the client’s project history and select the resources who usually work on these projects. The client also benefited from a single point of contact who managed all phases of the project;
  • Resorting to one of the translators and reviewers usually used in these projects guaranteed the use of the same terminology in all of the client’s projects, consolidated the message and transmitted a more professional image of the communication;
  • The use of terminology database management tools and glossaries reduced the reviewing time, maintained the consistency and ensured significant cost savings. The use of translation memories ensured that the client’s terminology is “remembered” and immediately integrated in subsequent projects.


“What  was the most important for me were the rapid responses to our requests. In the specific case of Panidor, in which the product development component is very important, we have great dynamics in R&D, both nationally and internationally, so we regularly need translations for packaging, labels and leaflets, and often have little time to prepare all these materials. To have a company such as yours, to rapidly respond to our requests is essential for us.”

Miriam Gomes, Marketing




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