Pragma Management works in the field of integrated management of real estate assets, managing 400,000 m2 and dozens of shopping centres and condominiums. With a vast network of services that cover all the major areas of the managed entities, Pragma stands out for its know-how in corporate services, asset management, project management, consultancy and marketing, among others. Thanks to the accumulated experience, Pragma is the ideal partner for the management of different areas such as retail, tourism, entertainment and parking facilities.



Pragma contacted SMARTIDIOM as it needed to translate various documents in the management area into English. These documents, from various shopping centres the company managed, were to be translated directly in the PowerPoints previously created in Portuguese. The high number of words in each of the documents, it was expected to be very expensive, with the added difficulty that there were tables in an image format that could not be edited directly in the files.



With the translation and review team established, SMARTIDIOM and Pragma joined efforts to find the most appropriate solution to the obstacles that the project seemed to present. After discussing who would be responsible for editing the non-editable tables, Pragma was able to provide the data in a separate document, which significantly reduced the cost of the project. Additionally, thanks to the use of specific software, SMARTIDIOM managed to bring together the three documents and reduce the total cost of the project by more than 25%, something that would have been impossible without the adequate tools.



With the collaboration of both parties, the three PowerPoints were translated quickly, providing Pragma with all the documents without having to spend a lot of money. Thanks to this collaboration, when Pragma later on requested a new similar project for a separate entity, a 25% reduction of the costs was, again, possible, since the technological resources used by SMARTIDIOM meant it could recycle part of the existing translations, applying them to the new project in a contextualized way.


“I take this opportunity to emphasise your professionalism, attention and availability in all the projects we have shared. SMARTIDIOM will always be a reference for any marketing professional who asks my opinion concerning a good partner!”

Flávia Groba, Marketing Manager

Pragma Management



Founded in 2012, SMARTIDIOM offers innovative multilingual services, helping global organisations and brands to grow and achieve international success. Our solutions include technical translation, technical writing, website and software localisation, software and hardware testing, copywriting, transcreation (creative translation for marketing and advertising), subtitling, interpreting, narration and audio/video transcription. Actively present in 25 countries, SMARTIDIOM partners with clients from a wide variety of industries, including Marketing and Advertising, IT and Software, Telecommunications, Construction, Energy and the Environment.