Send It is a Portuguese company that deals with strategic consulting and technology implementation, which helps its clients find innovative mobility solutions. It is dedicated, in particular, to web platforms for managing and sending bulk emails and newsletters, as well as the management of mobile marketing campaigns. With offices in Portugal and Mozambique, it uses the latest technologies to offer innovative services on the market. In operation since 2003, it has a client portfolio in various areas of activity.



Send It’s marketing department contacted SMARTIDIOM to translate the company’s institutional website. Send It was at a very important turning point for the dissemination of its brand and the innovative service it renders, the “uSendit”, thus it was crucial to provide the website in English in order to appeal to the international audience. As it was a website, the contents to be translated needed to be closely examined, because it had as much static content as it did dynamic content, as well as others that did not need translation. The client sent a file with all the text it wanted to see translated, which helped and accelerated the quoting process and the subsequent work on the project.



During the project, there was the concern of fitting the translation to the respective website context, i.e. a constant verification of the adequacy of the translated text to its location on the website (menus, preceding and subsequent text, design, etc.). By checking the appropriateness of the text for the website, it was possible to find a few problems and resolve them immediately, thus facilitating the implementation process of the translation by the client. Send It’s team was very satisfied, not only with the quality of the translation, but also with the project management processes SMARTIDIOM used, which enabled the translation process to be constantly supervised.



This project is an excellent example of the cooperation that exists between Send It and SMARTIDIOM. The availability to provide the content in an editable format was crucial for a swift execution of the project, thus ensuring the quality standards that were expected. By understanding the need to communicate correctly with the new market and the importance of the website’s localisation, Send It felt the need for a specialised partner in the area of language services. This factor takes on even more prominence because Send It operates in an extremely specialised and technical sector, demanding that the language used in its communication is correct and specific to each industry’s target market. Send It’s website is now fully localised for the British market and SMARTIDIOM consistent, high-quality translations allowed clients to visit, explore and use the website more easily. On the other hand, the client’s team was able to focus on their core business with the confidence that SMARTIDIOM would deliver the translations in a timely manner and with the expected quality, ready to be incorporated into the website.


“SMARTIDIOM stands out for its great availability and professionalism in the provision of translation services. The perfect compromise between delivery time, price and quality. For these reasons, we recommend SMARTIDIOM!”

Sara Gonçalves Pereira, Mobile Marketing Manager




Founded in 2012, SMARTIDIOM offers innovative multilingual services, helping global organisations and brands to grow and achieve international success. Our solutions include technical translation, technical writing, website and software localisation, software and hardware testing, copywriting, transcreation (creative translation for marketing and advertising), subtitling, interpreting, narration and audio/video transcription. Actively present in 25 countries, SMARTIDIOM partners with clients from a wide variety of industries, including Marketing and Advertising, IT and Software, Telecommunications, Construction, Energy and the Environment.