Previously owned by Panasonic, Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Pasona group since 2015. Its headquarters are in Japan and, in 2015, they were one of SMARTIDIOM’s greatest additions to our client portfolio. It’s a demanding customer with very high quality standards, who relies on SMARTIDIOM for a wide range of projects in several languages and in different areas, such as energy and the environment, technology, safety and hygiene at work, catering business, among others.



One of the projects entrusted to SMARTIDIOM was the translation of a promotional poster (originally in English) of a solar energy storage device, intended for developing countries. The two target languages intended for this project were Amharic and Swahili. In parallel, the client had the intention of using specific design software, in order to make the necessary adjustments and deliver the project ready to print and publish. The desired software was Adobe Illustrator. In this case, the challenge was not only to perform the translation, but also the advanced manipulation of the graphic elements.



To enable the SMARTIDIOM staff to work with the intended design software, the client provided files in Adobe Illustrator format, from which it was possible to extract the text to be translated. This text was sent to the external resources, both native in these two languages. After its translation and revision, the dedicated Project Manager conducted a thorough quality control of the texts received so as to foil any possible problems with the translation. During the implementation phase of the translations, the client provided several instructions regarding the positioning of the graphic elements and the text. This fact took on even greater relevance since it was necessary to replace some of the elements, including photos and logos, so as to be adapted to the target markets.



This is an excellent example of SMARTIDIOM’s versatility regarding the services provided, because we needed to ensure a seamless liaison between the internal translation team, the project management team and the design team. The final result turned out to exceed the limits of a mere translation: the text and the graphic elements had to be adapted to the specificities of local markets. Currency, product purchase locations, photographs, people portrayed, among other aspects, had to be worked out so that the final product was in line with the unique characteristics of the advertising campaign’s target audience.


“My congratulations to your design team for having managed to create the final product even when there were three original elements missing. I’m very grateful.”

Yuko Inoue, Translation Coordinator

Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd.



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