Maruboshi Central & Eastern Europe is the European subsidiary of the Japanese Maruboshi Co., Ltd. company, specialising in technical translation and localisation. Operating on the market since 1954, the parent company’s turnover increased in such a way that it has opened four branches in Asia so far (Japan, China, Thailand and Taiwan) and three in Europe (Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw). Maruboshi Central & Eastern Europe offers a range of language services, mostly related to translation and multimedia, and in several other areas: mechanical engineering, chemistry, automotive and industrial automation.



SMARTIDIOM has worked with Maruboshi CEE on several technical translation projects since 2012, namely for automotive software and industrial automation. At the end of 2013, the Maruboshi CEE team got in touch with SMARTIDIOM to translate operating instructions for CNN machinery. These are machines with a specific system in the industrial sector that allows the development of a final product, minimising human intervention in the process. The translation or revision of materials in the industrial machinery area represents a challenge to linguists, given the technical nature of the content. That was why SMARTIDIOM felt challenged to find the best linguists to match the client’s expectations.



To meet this request, which came with an illustrative document regarding the operation of the industrial equipment in order to help the translation process, SMARTIDIOM turned to its knowledgeable, diverse service provider database. The solution that was found allowed us to select the best people for this project, who despite the greater difficulty caused by the specificity of all the industry terms, dictated the success of the project. The Maruboshi CEE’s instructions for the machinery were brilliantly adapted into the target language, Brazilian Portuguese.



Despite the project’s strict requirements, SMARTIDIOM ensured excellent work, meeting the client’s initial expectations. With the scope of SMARTIDIOM’s database, the best linguists and the most successful partnerships in previous projects, we proved – once again – to be up to the challenge that was set, doing justice to the requirements defined in terms of deadline, domain and language pair.



Founded in 2012, SMARTIDIOM offers innovative multilingual services, helping global organisations and brands to grow and achieve international success. Our solutions include technical translation, technical writing, website and software localisation, software and hardware testing, copywriting, transcreation (creative translation for marketing and advertising), subtitling, interpreting, narration and audio/video transcription. Actively present in 25 countries, SMARTIDIOM partners with clients from a wide variety of industries, including Marketing and Advertising, IT and Software, Telecommunications, Construction, Energy and the Environment.