19 November 2019

Why you should hire a copywriter

Your website, social networks, promotional materials and launch event invitations are just a few examples of the media you’ll need, to spread the word about your new project. Producing these materials requires time, creativity, technical knowledge and good language skills (in one or more languages, if you want to reach several countries). You may well […]


17 October 2019

Certified Translation in Portugal

If you ever need translations of official documents in Portugal or abroad, you’ll be asked for a certified translation. This type of translation might also be called a legalised translation or official translation. Translations going by any of these names may involve any one of the following: certification, legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]


10 September 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Localise Your Online Store

The Internet has narrowed the gap between brands and their target audiences. However, having a website or app is not enough to sell. As a brand, you have to find what makes you stand out from your competition, and make your consumers want to explore the pages of your website until they are comfortable enough […]


12 July 2019

7 steps to making your blog more attractive

Making your blog appealing is about much more than just the visuals: in addition to a well-thought-out design, care should be put into your written content, how your blog is laid out and your communication strategy itself. Keep reading to find out the most important factors to help you making your blog more attractive to […]