Six essential requirements for a successful copywriting strategy

Six essential requirements for a successful copywriting strategy   We live in a technological age. An age in which we can buy any product or service, […]

Survey on working remotely

At the start of September, we sent out a survey to SMARTIDIOM team members, which aimed to help us understand the impact of working from home […]

Work from home

“It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make” – said our CEO and CVO, Carla Gaspar, almost six months ago when she […]

Why you should hire a copywriter

Your website, social networks, promotional materials and launch event invitations are just a few examples of the media you’ll need, to spread the word about your […]
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Certified Translation in Portugal

If you ever need translations of official documents in Portugal or abroad, you’ll be asked for a certified translation. This type of translation might also be […]
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Being a freelancer: 6 tips for happiness and mental health

Working as a freelancer has its perks, but there’s a downside to being your own boss too. It’s fantastic because you can manage your own time […]
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4 Reasons Why You Should Localise Your Online Store

The Internet has narrowed the gap between brands and their target audiences. However, having a website or app is not enough to sell. As a brand, […]

7 steps to making your blog more attractive

Making your blog appealing is about much more than just the visuals: in addition to a well-thought-out design, care should be put into your written content, […]

Inclusive Communication – how to communicate to include everyone and avoid stereotyping

It is likely most of us have embarrassed ourselves at one time or another by saying precisely the wrong thing: “– She’s gorgeous. What’s her name? […]
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