9 September 2016

Accountability of the legal translator myths and realities

As a legal translator, you may have come across some delicate work with a tight deadline. After revising your work as carefully as possible, you deliver it. But… what if the work you have just sent is not 100% correct? Yes, what if you missed something? What if there is a mistake? And what if […]


18 June 2016

SMARTIDIOM sponsors Think Conference

Think Conference aims to be the biggest digital marketing event in Portugal, so it gathered the best national entrepreneurs and experts in this area. SMARTIDIOM went to the event to share its ideas, services and solutions, offering all its know-how to the organisers and other participants. The panel of speakers was composed of experts such […]


16 June 2016

SMARTIDIOM joins the Timely Payment Commitment movement

The Timely Payment Commitment movement’s main purpose is to counteract the trend of paying suppliers after the due date in Portugal. This is a very bad habit that is deeply rooted in the Portuguese business culture. It causes enormous instability in companies, unpredictability in terms of bills being paid, an excessive allocation of time to […]


31 December 2015

SMARTIDIOM’s main achievements in 2015

2015 was a year of assertion for SMARTIDIOM. Full of exciting achievements, 2015 was strong in work and campaigns, acquisition of new clients, as well as a combination of new experiences and progress. At the beginning of the year, the company participated in the largest tourism fair in Portugal, BTL – International Tourism Fair of […]