Case Studies

Real life stories to demonstrate the added value of our solutions for our clients

Our life is filled with success stories. Every day, SMARTIDIOM helps small and large companies from around the world to succeed in the complex world of business that characterises our times. We are keen on sharing them with you. Click on one of our success stories to learn more about one of our projects and discover the solutions that allowed us to achieve the results.

Case Study No. 13

Client: EC Innovations
Industry: Banking and Finance
SMART Solution: bilingual revision, monolingual revision
Languages: American English-European Portuguese

One of the projects presented to SMARTIDIOM by EC Innovations consisted of a revision/review of a project from English to Portuguese in the financial area. The project was quite extensive, involving hundreds of thousands of words, and was divided into various groups, each one subject to different due dates, with a final deadline for the completion of the work. The demands were clear: the person doing the revision/review had to be native, residing in Portugal, with studies in the financial area and experienced in translations in this field.


Case Study No. 14

Client: Awesome
Industry: Video Games
SMART Solution: localisation
Languages: English-German, English-Simplified Chinese, English-Traditional Chinese, English-Korean, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Italian, English-Japanese, English-Brazilian Portuguese, English-Russian

The project was totally managed around the release of the game “Parigami”, in the year 2015, an entertainment opportunity in which users were presented to fun animal characters in origami and their adventures in a colourful paper forest. The name of the game is a twist on words (Paper Origami > Parigami) and the goal is to drag the rows and columns of the game to join three or more equal pieces and move on from scenario to scenario, in a fully interactive map.


Case Study No. 15

Client: giant U.S. multinational in the area of software and hardware development
Industry: Software, Hardware and Technology
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision
Languages: English-Portuguese

SMARTIDIOM saw its workload grow exponentially at the end of 2014, a fact that also allowed a considerable increase in its number of in-house employees. Due to this increase in internal, specialised human resources, SMARTIDIOM began to see a new challenge, thanks to the inevitable growth of the company: ensuring the consistency of terminology in the projects of one of its most important customers.


Case Study No. 16

Client: Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd.
Industry: Software, Hardware and Technology
SMART Solution: translation, desktop publishing
Languages: English-Thai, English-Japanese, English-Vietnamese

One of the projects entrusted to SMARTIDIOM was the translation of a promotional poster (originally in English) of a solar energy storage device, intended for developing countries.