Environmental Responsibility

Business practices that respect the planet’s sustainable development

SMARTIDIOM is committed to adopting environmentally sustainable business practices, seeking to spread the word about the value of a culture that respects the environment to our clients, service providers and partners. We strive to use resources efficiently and encourage the use of recyclable materials at all stages of the life cycle of the services we provide.

In specific terms, SMARTIDIOM’s environmental responsibility policy translates into the following key points:


Integrate the environmental performance criteria in the development and implementation of all company activities and in management’s decision-making processes;


Implement technological and behavioural solutions to reduce CO2 emissions;


Combine the demand from economic growth with environmental protection;


Promote environmental management practices and eco-efficiency;


Encourage the development and support of differentiated environmental projects.

The measures undertaken by SMARTIDIOM toward achieving the goals listed above have been very successful, leading to significant improvements in this area, including:
The control and reduction of the Group’s energy consumption
The reduction of paper consumption by staff
Encouraging staff to use public transport
Investment in telework meetings among service providers
Investment in videoconference business meetings

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