Google AdWords

Cost efficiency in reaching new target audiences with your business

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s paid advertising program. It is the most widespread sponsored link system on the Internet and allows you to display ads on different Google platforms, especially on the search engine. A good SEO strategy does not always guarantee a good positioning in search engines. Paid Google ads can be a great complement to this strategy of raising awareness for your business.

How does it work?

One of the great advantages of Google AdWords is its targeting capacity, which allows the ad to only be shown to users when it is relevant, ensuring a more qualified traffic to your website.

Considering that AdWords chooses ads based on the keywords the users search for, you need to create campaigns that promote the benefits of your product or service by trying to focus on what your customers demand.

How do Google AdWords auctions work?

This process takes place in every Google search, so as to decide which ads will be displayed and in which order.
Everything starts with a simple search. AdWords finds all ads with the keywords searched.
Ads are displayed according to their importance. The ones that do not match the terms searched will be ignored.
Your ad will be displayed according to:
your offer + quality of the ad + expected impact

Paid advertisement on search engines is one of the fastest ways for consumers to find your business.

Why are we specialists?

At SMARTIDIOM, we can help you create effective campaigns based on surveys in the different markets where your brand is located. The message of the ad is the only thing that will determine if a customer buys your product or service, so you should only trust the creation of multilingual ads to experts who fully understand the best strategy to be used. More than translating your content, we adapt and thoroughly research your target market. Our native experts analyse the content, search for the keywords that best suit the markets in question, and develop the ads in an appealing way, meeting all criteria required by Google and driving the consumer to action.

Properly structured campaigns have a greater customer conversion rate.

5 steps for a successful process


We analyse your Google campaign in the country of origin and find out which markets should be approached.


We select the best suited expert from your business area to translate, adapt and prepare the ad to the target markets.


We thoroughly research the keywords that bring you the largest profits from each market.


We confirm that the ad follows the rules set by Google (for instance, character limit, short title that includes at least one keyword, destination URL and visualisation, etc.).


A second expert proofreads the whole campaign and certifies that no aspect has been forgotten.

Besides Google AdWords, we develop ads for other online platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, reaching your customers at the right moment and with a substantially lower investment than traditional media.

Would you like to promote your products and your services more efficiently?

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