Multilingual Social Media

Talk to your target audience as you do with friends

Why is it essential to be on social networks?

Social networks are important marketing and communication tools for your business and the presence of your brands on these platforms is mandatory.

Social networks allow for greater interaction with the consumer. It is very important that your customers feel close to your brand in order to boost their loyalty. From an after-sales service perspective, social networks are an important tool. They inform clients about new products, help in solving problems and clarifying doubts, know the client’s tastes and preferences, evaluate the feasibility of a new product or the improvement of an existing product, among many other objectives. The presence of organisations on social networks not only allows them to achieve better branding, but also to build a better reputation online. Relying on social networks can also determine the benefits in the ranking and positioning of your website on Google.

Get closer to your audience.

Social media in numbers:
200 million users on Twitter
1 billion users on Facebook
225 million users on LinkedIn
343 million users on Google+
How can we help?

Marketing communication uses linguistics to convey brands’ messages in the different languages they work with. That is why you have to be able to communicate correctly, adapting the message to the local context. Thanks to vast experience in copywriting, the SMARTIDIOM team helps you to communicate with consumers who are in a social environment, adapting the message that your brand wants to transmit to the country where they live.

Annual growth
On average, companies that invest in social media grow have an annual growth of about 18%, in addition to strengthening the brand by creating a greater bond with customers
Annual sales
On average, companies that do not invest much in social media have a 6% annual decrease in sales, in addition to distancing themselves from customers.

Talk to us if you need the support of a specialised partner:

Adaptation of the content produced to other markets where your brand operates

Creation of content for different markets according to the brand’s briefing

Creation and translation of ads

Development of communication strategies

Subtitling for video channels (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)

Translation and localisation of comments, posts, ads and profile information

Consider a multilingual strategy for social media.

Here are some of your options to communicate with your audience.

Do you need to create quality content for your social media platforms?

We work with many different languages, helping you expand your brand, getting you more leads and reaching new business goals.