Audio/Video Transcription

Quick, accurate and confidential transcription

Send us your audio recordings or your video files and our linguists will transcribe all the sound information into text. Thereby, you will end up with a written document containing everything that was said at a meeting, an event, or any other conversation you have an audio/video recording of.

Our Transcription Solutions:

Legal Transcriptions

This service is particularly useful for lawyers and courts that need to have access to written records of hearings for trials and witness examinations, for work purposes.

Interview Transcriptions

Our interview transcription service ensures an accuracy rate of more than 98%, at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Medical Transcriptions

Our medical transcriptions are the right solution for clinics and hospitals that need to receive their reports as fast as possible and with the highest quality standard.

Conference Transcriptions

If you are a journalist or a speaker and need a written record of an international conference for your archive and/or further analysis, this service is what you need!

Meeting Transcriptions

Combining transcription assistance tools and professional human transcribers, we are able to significantly reduce the delivery time when compared to conventional transcription.

Speech Transcriptions

Have you ever imagined watching a speech made by one of your favourite speakers, with the certainty that afterwards you will have access to all the content, sent directly to your email address? Now you can.


1. Transcription

The files are divided into smaller parts, which are transcribed by our specialized native transcribers.

2. Proofreading

The reviewer reviews all the parts and inserts the speakers’ start and end times.

3. Final QA

All the parts are inserted into a final file and the transcription is reviewed one more time, in order to ensure the consistency and precision of the final file.

Our value proposition:

A specialised team

A precise transcription requires profound knowledge of specific vocabulary, which is why we select professionals with expertise in our clients’ industries.


Transcription of different audio and video formats

We constantly update our tools and software because we want to reproduce and transcribe faster, giving our clients maximum convenience.


Fast delivery

Combining an experienced team with the latest technology allows us to respond to your transcription requests quickly, even if they are rush or large projects.


Total confidentiality

We guarantee the complete security and confidentiality of the content you entrust us with, so that we can transcribe it.

Want the transcribed text in several languages?

Request a translation!

Our team of translators and proofreaders is at your disposal to translate texts into more than 100 languages.

Consult your SMARTIDIOM Project Manager to find out more about our special conditions.

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