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Leiria, Portugal – February 1st, 2017 In early 2017, a team of SMARTIDIOM representatives headed to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) ...
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SMARTIDIOM mobilised the IDDNET community in supporting the Fire Brigade of Leiria

Leiria, Portugal – 12 August 2016 SMARTIDIOM launched a two-day campaign for the IDDNET community in supporting the Fire Brigade ...
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SMARTIDIOM sponsors Think Conference

Leiria, Portugal – 18 June 2016 The purpose of Think Conference is to be the biggest digital marketing event in ...
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SMARTIDIOM joins the Timely Payment Commitment movement

Leiria, Portugal – 16 June 2015 The Timely Payment Commitment movement's main purpose is to counteract the trend of paying ...
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SMARTIDIOM was present at EUATC annual conference

Budapest, Hungary – 21 April 2016 EUATC – European Union of Associations of Translation Companies is holding one more event ...
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SMARTIDIOM at ClickSummit 2016

Lisbon, Portugal – 8 April 2016 The ClickSummit - Online Marketing and Sales Conference - had its first live edition ...
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SMARTIDIOM acquires a new platform (Plunet)

Lisbon, Portugal – 27 January 2016 SMARTIDIOM acquires a new working platform – Plunet. SMARTIDIOM seeks to provide the best ...
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SMARTIDIOM opens a new office in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal – 18 January 2016 SMARTIDIOM is celebrating the creation of the third company of the group – SMARTIDIOM ...
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SMARTIDIOM’s main achievements in 2015

Leiria, Portugal – 31 December 2015 2015 was a year of assertion for SMARTIDIOM, as well as an exciting year ...
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SMARTIDIOM opens a new office in Porto

Porto, Portugal – 14 September 2015  SMARTIDIOM is enormously proud of its clients, partners and friends and makes every effort ...
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SMARTIDIOM was awarded for its high quality standards by Moravia IT

Leiria, Portugal – July 2015 Moravia distinguished SMARTIDIOM for its quality translations. 2015 was the year of SMARTIDIOM's restructuring. The team ...
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SMARTIDIOM invited all companies present at Tektónica 2015 to open new horizons

Lisboa, Portugal – 06 May 2015 SMARTIDIOM attended the Tektónica FIL exhibition – International Fair for Construction and Public Works, ...
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Lisboa, Portugal – 25 February 2015 SMARTIDIOM participated in the International Tourism Fair of Lisbon, at FIL. BTL – International Tourism ...
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SMARTIDIOM went to the Entrepreneur Fair in Porto

Porto, Portugal – 27 November 2014 SMARTIDIOM participated in the 17th Entrepreneur Fair whose theme was “Born Global”: The ANJE ...
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SMARTIDIOM becomes a member of APET

Leiria, Portugal – 27 March 2014 SMARTIDIOM becomes a member of the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies, an association that ...
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SMARTIDIOM supports the Associação Sorrisos de Julinha by collecting and selling books

Leiria, Portugal – 3 December 2013 SMARTIDIOM has embraced the Sorrisos de Julinha project, a solidarity association from Leiria which ...
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Leiria, Portugal – 26 June 2013 SMARTIDIOM is now a member of the BNI network, the world's largest, most successful ...
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SMARTIDIOM celebrates its 1st anniversary

Leiria, Portugal – 31 May 2013 After opening on 31 May 2012, SMARTIDIOM celebrated its first year and a great ...
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