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Strict quality control processes


Once your request reaches SMARTIDIOM, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager (PM), who will make every effort to get to know your brand’s preferences, needs and the areas in which you operate, in order to choose and manage the right team to work on your project.

Once you have a linguistic team for your project, your dedicated PM will ensure that your preferences, your budget and your deadline are strictly respected, guaranteeing maximum quality in every step of the process. Your PM will be always available to answer any question you may have, and will also look for opportunities to enrich your project wherever possible (using new work methods, procedures, tools or others).

Stages of a SMART project

Stages of a SMART Project

How do we select a team of linguists?

We follow an extremely strict recruitment process to ensure we select the most professional specialists in the industry. Here’s how it works:



SMARTIDIOM’s Human Resources Department assesses applications from candidates according to the following criteria:

  • Academic qualifications;
  • Years of translation experience;
  • Areas of expertise;
  • Proven track record of reliability and professionalism;
  • Work references;
  • Pass mark in a translation test requested by SMARTIDIOM;
  • Fluency in source language (language from which the translator translates);
  • Native standard in target language (language to which the translator translates);
  • Advanced knowledge and experience of using CAT tools (i.e. professional translation software).



Before they are added to our database, candidates perform a translation test in the language pair and area of expertise with which they intend to work. The translation tests are then assessed by specialists in the fields. When the specialist delivers the revised file, they fill in a special form, which allows them to rate the following aspects of the candidate’s translation: language skills, correspondence to the original text; compliance with the instructions given; grammatical accuracy; use of appropriate terminology and other such criteria.



Candidates who pass the selection process are then added in our project management system as “Apt to work”. This means that our project managers will pay special attention to the quality of their work in the initial stages.

Applicants who do not work to an acceptable standard, do not follow customers’ instructions or do not meet delivery deadlines are excluded from our database. If this is the case, they are marked as “Excluded” in our project management system so that they are not contacted by our Project Managers again.

How do we guarantee the quality of your projects?

  • At SMARTIDIOM, your projects are managed in accordance with documented procedures in order to ensure consistency and traceability;
  • Your documents are handled using the most advanced state-of-the-art tools in a consistent manner – linguistically, administratively and technically;
  • Our linguists are selected, tested and continuously evaluated in accordance with industry standards;
  • Your preferred terminology, your style guides and reference materials are respected and integrated throughout the translation process;
  • Your projects are overseen by a dedicated Project Manager, who is your exclusive point of contact with us.

Why do we assign a SMARTIDIOM’s Project Manager to your brand?

A PM ensures that only the specialists who are most experienced in the subject area of your project work on it;

A PM handles problems and delivers solutions;

A PM manages the global workflow;

A PM creates and distributes delivery schedules;

A PM monitors the project status in its various phases, in order to ensure the project is delivered on time;

A PM communicates daily with everyone involved in the process and feeds any relevant information back to you;

A PM conducts the validation process for the translation in coordination with your brand’s internal reviewers;

A PM knows your brand and identificates your business’ current and future needs;

A PM develops a relationship between SMARTIDIOM and your company.

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