SMARTIDIOM was distinguished by one of its main clients, thanks to its quality translations.

2015 was the year of SMARTIDIOM’s restructuring. The team was restructured, both in-house collaborators and external collaborators and the methods and processes were optimised with dedication and commitment, and we got to enjoy the fruits of the changes made.

We modified our methods and processes to increase speed of implementation, enable greater communication with the client and reduce the project’s delivery times.

We greatly improved the quality of products and services, based on an internal workflow, giving us greater quality assurance. The dedicated project Managers, the native translators in the target languages and all our excellence and quality have a great deal to do with our success.

The prize the Moravia Linguistic Services Team gave us mirrors the quantitative progress made by SMARTIDIOM. The quality and excellence of the service honour the clients and give credibility to the company. The Moravia Linguistic Services Team is the Moravia IT team that controls the quality of the translations performed by SMARTIDIOM to European Portuguese.

It is with great pride that SMARTIDIOM receives such prestigious awards for the quality of the work and service provided. It is even a greater pride to satisfy clients with such a high standard of quality and rigour.