Resultados 2015

2015 was a year of assertion for SMARTIDIOM. Full of exciting achievements, 2015 was strong in work and campaigns, acquisition of new clients, as well as a combination of new experiences and progress.

At the beginning of the year, the company participated in the largest tourism fair in Portugal, BTL – International Tourism Fair of Lisbon. BTL is aimed at a market segment which is one of SMARTIDIOM’s specialisation areas – tourism. The much sought-after international visibility was fully achieved in this event, which resulted in important clients, such as A2Z Adventures and Send It.

In early April, SMARTIDIOM became a member of AAPI – Associação de Ação Para a Internacionalização (Association Networking for Internationalization), an association with strong international gearing and links to external markets, particularly the British market – a market where SMARTIDIOM intends to invest in order to consolidate its international position.

At the end of that month, and as a result of the company’s commercial strategy, SMARTIDIOM was present in new international markets, in this case, China, Japan and the Czech Republic.

At the end of May, following increasing investment in the implementation of new forms of Marketing, SMARTIDIOM joined APPM (Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals), to learn and improve, absorbing the know-how shared by the top professionals in this area and to adopt the latest industry practices.

At the end of June, SMARTIDIOM set the bar at 3,422,000 in the quarter. This was 15% more than in the first quarter of the year, as a result of the growth strategy of the team and SMARTIDIOM Group.

As a result, mid-July saw another historic milestone: SMARTIDIOM reached and exceeded its previous year’s turnover.

Still in the same month, SMARTIDIOM made the “TOP 5 VENDOR” of one of its most important clients, Moravia IT. This reward proves that the work carried by the team is of the highest quality and, for SMARTIDIOM, it is the crowning glory of the delivery, dedication, passion and enthusiasm in everything they do.

SMARTIDIOM IT, our office in Porto, opened on 25 August 2015, as part of the 2015 expansion strategy. The Group’s new company is at Rua da Paz, 66, 1.º andar, sala 17 4050-461 Porto.

SMARTIDIOM has grown in a sustainable, pragmatic way. Thank you for being with us!