Technology and Know-how

Clients from all industries entrust us with their brands; we help them with our know-how

Clients from a wide range of industries trust us with their brands. We earn that trust by providing them with all our know-how, by using the best technology and by continually working to improve our processes.

We work with CAT tools

We use several computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools so we can reuse content that has been previously translated and stored in translation memories (TM). These tools allow us to provide higher quality, faster translations and charge our clients more competitive prices.

We use powerful QA tools

A key part of our quality management and control system is our quality assurance (QA) software. This type of technology helps us carry out a final qualitative evaluation of any text produced. This is when we double-check how coherent it is and that the correct terminology and styles were used. Among their many other features, these tools allow us to detect: untranslated segments, double spaces repeated words and so on.

We guarantee access to our FTP server for large-scale projects.

Our FTP is used to send and receive files and other data to and from our clients and suppliers, that should not be handled via email. If you need to transfer confidential content, contact your dedicated Project Manager to send you the access credentials and to advise you on how to procee


We have a plan for your brand. Do you want to know more about it?

1 – Develop a global presence.

As you expand your global presence, SMARTIDIOM provides services designed for you to overcome the challenges ahead. From a simple translation to the development of a multilingual strategy, we can help you plan, design, implement, and manage your internationalisation, localisation, translation and testing projects.

2 – Optimise your results.

We earn your trust because we are consistent in our communications, we understand culture, the processes and the restrictions of your brand and we strive to fully understand your products and services.

3 – Reduce your costs of creating and managing global content.

We help you optimise the creation and management of content so that you do not need a lot of content and have even less content to translate. By trusting in our processes and in our tools, you can be more efficient and save money at the same time.

4 – Have time to focus on what really matters.

Research and development of complex products can be time-consuming; so you cannot afford to waste more time on localising or testing your product. By entrusting us with your localisation project, you allow your development team to focus on what really matters: the development of a reliable, innovative, global solution.

5 – Improve the quality of your applications and their content.

By using our proven methods, you can reduce costs and shorten time-to-market; you can also provide a quality product in each market where you operate, in a methodical, consistent manner. Our experience and constant search for excellence enable your brand to gain trust and recognition worldwide.

6 – Take advantage of our customised processes that suit all your projects.

We adapt the translation and localisation process to meet your requirements. Decide what really matters for you according to your budget, resources and available time, and we will create processes that result in a perfect balance between all these factors. Our extensive global experience allows us to offer customised solutions adapted to your international challenge.

Looking for an internationalisation partner?

Take advantage of the experience and know-how of a team that has kept clients and partners in over 25 countries!
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