Versatile interpreters for all kinds of events

Do you need to find a qualified, experienced interpreter? Our interpreters provide high quality interpreting services in fields such as the technical, legal, commercial and advertising areas, in all kinds of business context: conferences, lectures, workshops, school meetings, business meetings, commercial meetings, or any other meetings in court, law firms, and hospitals.

Interpreting solutions provided by SMARTIDIOM:

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the perfect choice for conferences, congresses or events with a large audience. Because of how long these events go on for, this service must be performed by two interpreters, who work in 30-minute turns. This practice guarantees a high-quality service since interpreting requires not only a deep knowledge of both languages, but also concentration and mental agility.

This type of interpreting requires a soundproof booth for the interpreters to translate the speech into the corresponding target language in a way that the audience can listen to on ear-phones. In this case and when available, we ask for reference texts or the whole speeches 48 hours in advance.

Interpretação simultanea
If you need interpreting equipment for your event, we can take care of it for you.

Consecutive Interpreting

Interpretação - smartidiom

If, on the other hand, your event has a small audience, consecutive interpreting may be the best choice. The interpreter sits next to the speakers, listens to what they say and, at the end, translates it into the target language(s), usually supported by handwritten notes. This type of interpreting is rather useful in certain kinds of events such as meetings to discuss highly technical content, working lunches, small groups, site tours, etc.

Although it doubles the duration of the event, consecutive interpreting presents an advantage in cost management since you don’t need two interpreters or technical equipment.

Whispered Interpreting


Chuchotage is the French word for whispering. Whispered interpreting is used in meetings or events with small audiences to guarantee that the translation of the speaker’s words is transmitted with no interruptions. There’s no need for technical equipment, but sometimes it may be useful for the interpreter to use headphones to listen to the speaker so that the speech sounds clearer and in a way that the translation can be transmitted in whispers.


Liaison Interpreting

Interpretação de acompanhamento em reunião

It is often used when people who don’t speak a certain language visit a client’s premises or for events such as project presentations, company tours or other activities that require that the interpreter is in the same room all the time. Some people associate liaison interpreting with consecutive interpreting, but the most evident difference is that in liaison interpreting the interpreter doesn’t take notes and translates to and from both languages. SMARTIDIOM also provides the possibility of hiring an interpreter to travel with a person or a group of people who are going to participate in a fair or event abroad.

Interpreting in Sign Language


SMARTIDIOM provides interpreting services in Portuguese sign language for any events where you want to communicate with the hard of hearing. Our highly specialised linguists participate mainly in debates, conferences, workshops and meetings with deaf participants, interpreting from the spoken language into sign language and vice-versa.

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