Localisation Testing

Advanced testing solutions to guarantee the best functionality of your product

Before you launch a product in a new market, it is important to make sure your strategy is perfectly aligned with your plan, so that you can avoid situations that could jeopardise the product’s success and longevity.


This stage of the process should be entrusted to native speakers of your target markets, who are also experienced professionals, in order to ensure that the communication and the product are suitable to each one of the markets where they will be launched.
Our team of translators and proofreaders will take linguistic control of the texts, test the features and verify the design, ensuring that your product or service is well-received by your target audience.

Why you should test your product:


Things can, and often do, go wrong when you’re developing a new product, especially if it’s a web project like a website, app or software. Some of these oversights may affect the way in which your product works, as well the user experience.


Testing is a sure-fire way to guarantee a product’s reliability and customer satisfaction.


Providing a high quality product means lower maintenance costs for the client and fewer support costs for your business.


In terms of cost, it is also more cost-effective in the long run to test your product before it’s launched, than to correct bugs and errors afterwards. If something goes wrong after the launch, you may have to get in touch with clients and distributors; withdraw the product from the market; and, if you find a problem serious enough, you may even have to rebuild it.

We make sure that your product, website or app:

Meets technical and commercial requirements.
Works as expected.
Can be implemented as is.
Is ready to be launched in the market.


Linguistic Tests

We carry out a full analysis of the content (text, buttons, SEO information, etc.), in order to confirm that there are no linguistic mistakes or typos.

Performance Tests

We evaluate your use of resources (CPU, memory and data traffic), battery consumption and signal efficiency.

Functional Tests

We combine standardised and exploratory tests to verify the functionality of the entire website, app or software.

Security Tests

These tests identify the security of your users’ sensitive data, such as passwords, banking data and personal information.

Usability Tests

We carry out an evaluation according to usability standards and recommendations, as well as user experience.

Stability Tests

We verify that your  app or mobile device remains stable under extreme conditions of use.

Testing Solutions by SMARTIDIOM

Why we are the optimal localisation partner:

We work with over 100 languages
We only work with expert native linguists
We test content in the appropriate context, using localised devices
We are always up to date on market trends and the most-used tools in the industry

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