One rather important step towards globalisation

Did you know…

75% of people do not browse the web in English?
56% of consumers state that browsing in their own language is much more important than the price?
46% of consumers never buy products or services in foreign languages?

of people browse in their native language

prefer their native language

Trust their native language

Reasons your business should invest in localisation

Expand into different Markets


To localise a product is to gain new ground. The more languages you use when spreading the word about your brand, the more people will understand what you say.

Boost Sales


By speaking your potential consumer’s language you’ll not only get their attention, but also establish a relationship of understanding and trust, which will lead to sales.

Decrease Risk


Localised messages avoid misunderstandings, which could be misinterpreted as insults and put potential consumers off your brand. In some countries, the colour, font and expressions used are chosen purely based on aesthetics, but in others it isn’t that simple. In certain cultures, for example, some numbers aren’t used because they’re thought to bring misfortune.

Increase Customer satisfaction


By localising your content, you’re showing your customers that you care. It’s a way of getting closer to them, of strengthening your relationship, of giving your clients a personalised experience and of saying “you can count on us”, building their trust in your brand.

Communicating with your target audience in their native language demonstrates how much you respect them.

What you should localise:

Language and expressions

At SMARTIDIOM, we specialise in:

We provide consultancy services to help you localise each characteristic of your product (in the food sector, for example, we help you adjust recipes / formulas to suit the tastes of different places).


We also offer Translation and Localisation solutions for labels, packaging, user manuals and other marketing materials.

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