Translation and localisation for mobile apps

The world of mobile applications is huge and almost brand new. Since 2007, when the first iPhone was introduced in our daily lives, the word “app” has been part of our vocabulary. Just look at Apple’s App Store: there is over a billion applications to choose from.

From online stores to video gaming companies, from restaurants to hotels, apps let the user explore, locate and buy even on the smallest touch screen, something that had never been seen before. At SMARTIDIOM, we work with specialists who are dedicated to learning everything there is to learn about mobile marketing. Your content is translated and adapted to the market of your choice, after a careful quality testing stage, to assure that all the mobile marketing techniques are properly used to boost your clients’ opinion about your brand.

Have you developed an app and need to localise it to other languages?
Are you worried about the proper cultural adaptation or with any potential challenges in converting software to other languages?

Fear no more. SMARTIDIOM regularly translates content for this type of media and counts on a large, experienced team with enough skills to overcome any difficulties intrinsic to these challenges quickly and proactively. In less than 24 hours, you receive a detailed quote for your project and get continuous support during the whole process – including post-delivery support, in case you need to make any changes or updates to your content).
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We translate your mobile app, ensuring a specialised service, carried out to guarantee an accurate adaptation of your Android or iOS app.

Here are a few details about the localisation market for web apps:

If you need to boost your results, for example for iOS, the latest data indicate that it is not enough to localise your application for the North American market. North America represents about 28% of worldwide free downloads and only 34% of global revenue based on apps for iPhone.

  • After the United States come China and Japan, countries with non-Latin languages.
  • 50% of the Top 10 countries in downloads and financial revenue are non-English speaking countries across Europe and Eastern Asia.
  • About half of the 25 apps with the most downloads in China are localised into Chinese. This clearly shows the lack of openness of Chinese users to download and use apps in English when compared to other countries. If you really are interested in breaking down barriers into Eastern Asia, you should most likely consider localising your mobile app into the native language of your target audiences to increase your chances of being successful.
  • European countries favour English in an almost natural way since the language is highly understood and the speakers feel certainly a lot closer to the English culture. In countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Spain, the range of free downloads of iPhone apps in English is close to 90%.

What is the deal, however, with Android apps? They represent a global scale network of users for your mobile apps, with a growing and ever faster demand in countries like Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and Russia.

Localise your mobile app to your target audiences and increase your distribution rates to users all over the world.

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