App and Software Translation and Localisation

SMARTIDIOM is proud to be a trusted partner to several global IT giants. In recent years we have been localising and testing programs and apps that are used by millions of people around the world.

If you have an app on the market and you want to make it available in other countries, contact our team to find the best solution for your project.

What’s Included in our

App and Software Localisation?

1.  A detailed analysis of your project

Because each project is unique, we carry out an initial assessment of each one of our client’s needs. Once we fully understand their requirements, we draw up a plan, complete with the most effective proposal for each need. The proposal may include localisation into one or more languages, localisation testing or supplementary and consultancy services.

2. Tailored technology

We select the most appropriate localisation tools for your company’s needs, making it easier and quicker to send and receive files and get feedback. Our system will process your files, extract the text to be translated and create the all-important glossary. Our team will then localise your text. The localisation methods and processes used by SMARTIDIOM meet the requirements established by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).

3. Quality Assurance

SMARTIDIOM translation and localisation solutions include a final evaluation that will ensure consistency across your app, software, website or multimedia content, regardless of the language, operating system, browser or device used. This phase ensures that:

  • All the characters in the original text are also present in translations (e.g. %s, HTML tags, etc.);
  • Strings that are either too long or too short are corrected to ensure the graphichal user interface is displayed correctly in every language into which the program has been localised;
  • Localised files are validated and special characters are correctly encoded;

4. Cost efficiency

When we localise your software or application for the first time, we create glossaries and terminology databases that will be used in the future, whenever you send us updates to localise. This way, we make the most of the work we’ve done previously and only localise new strings, which translates into big cost and time savings for our clients.

These savings can be seen from the very first project assigned to us: if there are any repeated strings, they’re removed to ensure each one is only translated / localised once.

5. A turnkey Solution

If you’d like us to, we can take care of the whole process for you. We can start by drawing up a plan and defining the internationalisation strategy used for the software / application, and take it right through to implementing and testing the localised content. This solution may include:

  • Strategic consulting;
  • Translation and localisation into more than 100 languages;
  • Managing the entire project (scheduling, coordinating the localisation team and creating / managing terminological databases, such as glossaries and translation memories);
  • Localising user interfaces, online help files, user manuals and marketing materials;
  • Desktop publishing of online and offline documentation;
  • Drawing up a plan for the testing and implementation of localisation tests;
  • Identifying and solving visual problems such as untranslated text, cut-off sentences and formatting problems.

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