Translation and localisation for software

According to a recent study by Common Sense Advisory, which analysed over 351 professional software buyers from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain and Sweden, 90% claimed to prefer to buy localised products and to access content that have been translated into their native languages.

SMARTIDIOM specialises in localisation solutions, as well as in linguistic and functional testing, and provides high quality results for the software development industry. We are proud to be a reference and a trustworthy partner to some of the biggest technological brands in the world and we want to use that experience to provide you with the best support and the best experience possible.

1. Latest software localisation technology

We choose the perfect localisation tools to provide support to your company’s stakeholders. Our system processes your files, extracts the content for translation and builds a localisation glossary. Our linguists only receive the strings that need to be localised; everything else will remain unchanged. SMARTIDIOM’s localisation methods and processes are compliant with the requirements dictated by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).

2. Custom solutions adapted to each client or each project

In localisation projects, each project has distinctive specifications and it’s only natural that each brand has its own needs and requirements. No matter the size of your company, SMARTIDIOM evaluates your needs and presents you with a full solution, starting with the preparation of your project to its delivery and including all the languages, services and consulting you need. When the localisation process is complete, we reorganise the translated files so they are ready to be imported back into your software.

3. Seamless QA process

Our comprehensive QA process makes sure that:

  • All the characters will appear in the translation (e.g. %s, HTML tags, etc.);
  • Strings that are too long or too short are corrected to ensure that the user graphic interface is adequate in each language;
  • The localised files are validated and all special characters have been coded correctly;
  • Any duplicated strings will be removed so that any repetitions are translated only once.

Our QA process ensures consistency throughout your software, your website and your multimedia content in all your languages, operating systems, browsers and devices. By testing your software in your native language, we are able to detect any errors that may compromise the users’ experience or result in a poor globalisation process. This is a very important phase to guarantee that your software is as successful as you need, after identifying any potential problems before launching it in your target countries.

4. All-in-one solution with a work flow that saves you time and money


Planning and outlining the strategy

  • Internationalisation
  • Strategy consulting
  • Analysis of specific technical regulations in the countries where you are going to launch your software
  • Outlining of the launch strategy


Translation/localisation into over 100 languages

  • Project management, scheduling the phases of the project and creating/updating the storage and terminology management systems, such as translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases
  • Translation of the user interface
  • Translation, adaptation and collection of online help files
  • Translation/localisation and verification of any documents and technical content, such as user guides, quick start guides, instruction manuals and training materials
  • Translation/localisation of marketing materials


Desktop Publishing of online and offline documentation


Multilingual localisation testing

  • Outlining the testing plan
  • Linguistic and functional testing:
    • Checking the usability of the available options
    • Identifying and troubleshooting any visual issues, such as untranslated text, truncated content or formatting conditions
  • Adapting the translation to the context of the software

Why are we successful in our software localisation projects?

  • We plan every phase and every component of our projects before we start;
  • We test the localised software with the same degree of attention to detail as the original software;
  • We localise your software and your help content at the same time.

Do you need a proposal to translate and localise your software?

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