Translation and localisation for training and e-learning content

The way organisations are providing training options to their teams and their clients is radically changing worldwide, mostly thanks to the latest technological advances. Companies are implementing new tools and new resources to help them reduce training costs and reduce their staff’s downtime, while promoting high productivity levels and the involvement of their work teams. Investing in e-learning platforms, online classes and certified training centres is today’s new world, but are becoming more and more famous in small or big companies at a global scale.

Do you manage a global company and need to provide education content to staff members or service providers that do not speak your language? Are you in charge of a multilingual training or e-learning service? Do you need help from a specialised partner that provides education content that is consistent, accurate and adapted to your trainees in the different countries where your company operates, no matter what language they may prefer? SMARTIDIOM can help you!

Online training has been getting more and more attention and allows a wide range of possibilities to those who want to master their skills in a certain trade or who simply want to deepen their knowledge in certain areas of interest. Nevertheless, this localisation process implies multiple challenges, such as localising legal or cultural references, acronyms, organisation titles, among others. It is also important to custom your content according to your target audience. Localising training modules for primary pupils requires distinctive mechanisms to localise content related to safety and hygiene in the workplace.

Do not confine yourself to your office.

Long gone are the times when your company had only one physical location. Now, thanks to technology, companies have grown from local offices to global organisations and should not be limited by geographical borders. So, why should you limit your training content to one language? Translating and localising training and e-learning content adds value to your organisation due to:

  • Quick content updates;
  • Ability to offer content customised to your trainees;
  • Flexible access and class schedules, avoiding any travelling;
  • Permanent availability of content;
  • Reduced costs when compared to in-person training;
  • Simultaneous participation of a higher number of trainees.
Benefit from the experience and support of a specialised team.

No matter your preferred format to publish your content, we offer the best translation and localisation solutions for your training and e-learning modules. We can send you a detailed quote in less than 24 hours, specifying rates and the best delivery deadline. Throughout the whole process, you will benefit from customised support from a dedicated Project Manager who assures the quality of the final result and the full commitment to your goals and requirements.

Get it right first time.

The last thing you want is that your e-learning modules are not accurate or generate learning difficulties for your trainees. In order to guarantee that users all over the world get an efficient learning experience, you have to make sure that your content is accurately localised and that it allows the same kind of enriching experience as the original content. Accustomed to localising e-learning content to internal training sessions and support materials to global products, SMARTIDIOM is familiar with the challenges presented by this process and knows the best approach in any specific situation.

Here are a few of our solutions:

  • Localisation and adaptation of online, interactive content
  • Localisation of graphics and images
  • Full validation of modules in the target language, ensuring linguistic and functional precision
  • Localisation of evaluation and testing tools
  • Transcription and translation of your scripts into multiple languages
  • Professional, in-studio voice-over and dubbing by native speakers

Do you need a proposal for the translation and localisation of your e-learning and training content?

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