Legal Translation

When dealing with legal translation, we know there is no room for mistakes. Translating legal documents follows highly specific criteria and it is very important that the final translation is safely delivered, reliable and of the highest quality. It is of utmost importance that any legal content sticks to the source text, that the integrity and the style of the document are kept in all circumstances, and that the terminology is accurate and consistent.

How can we help?


SMARTIDIOM is used to treating all the sensitive and personal information our clients share with us with the greatest care. We do not want you to worry about information leaks and so we offer you the guarantee of our translation projects management system, our optimised methods and processes, our commitment to confidentiality of all our partners, and our data protection measures.


We understand that the precision of the information in the documents we translate is of the utmost importance for our legal clients and that is why we work exclusively with native linguists specialised in the legal industry and with proven experience in previous successful projects in this area of expertise.

Quick Delivery

We work with a large network of linguists specialised in areas such as Criminal Law, Community Law or International Law, and we always try to select the person who is best for a certain project. This is the only way we can guarantee an extensive knowledge of the area of expertise and of the content in your document, as well as the best possible results.

We are specialised in translating:
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Exclusivity agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Lease contracts
  • Purchase and sales contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • International contracts
  • Legal contracts for imports and exports
  • Work permits
  • Patents
  • Warrants and testimonies
  • Complaints
  • Appeals and legal summonses
  • Terms and conditions

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