Your website, social networks, promotional materials and launch event invitations are just a few examples of the media you’ll need, to spread the word about your new project. Producing these materials requires time, creativity, technical knowledge and good language skills (in one or more languages, if you want to reach several countries). You may well have these skills, but will you be able to produce everything you need in a timely manner? If you’re also managing production lines, meetings with potential partners, media interviews and all the rest of it, the answer is probably “no”. There’s a lot to do, seconds are ticking by, and you’ve started feeling nervous. Under Pressure plays on repeat in your head. And that’s when it’ll dawn on you that you need copywriting services (even if you’re still not 100% sure what they are…).


Copy…what? Copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of creating attractive texts (called “copy”), which are written to lead the recipient of their message to perform an action – whether that’s clicking, sharing, recommending or buying (to name a few examples). The text can promote anything – a product, a service or even just an idea.

Copywriting is essential throughout the entire product cycle. In fact, rather than only being useful in the launch phase, copywriting is also essential to building long-term brand awareness. This is because engaging texts boost:

  • Sales (both online and in brick-and-mortar stores);
  • Conversion rates of online ads;
  • Rankings of websites in search engines;
  • The relationship between your brand and the public.

 A copywriter is the person you hire to write your copy. They are responsible for telling your story, making your brand interesting and making your content shine. They write content that gives your communication materials meaning, and arouses both curiosity and desire in your target audience.


But why you should hire a copywriter?

You know your product and your story better than anyone else. But do you have time to dedicate 100% of your energy to writing content? Will you be able to be at your most creative, and at the peak of your technical knowledge regularly enough to write everything you need, in so many different formats? Will you feel confident enough to produce perfect content, with no grammar or spelling mistakes?

If these questions have made you think twice, maybe it’s time to hire a professional copywriter. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together 7 more benefits they’ll provide:

  1. A new lease of life for your ideas: you have incredible ideas, but you don’t have time; or you do have time, but you don’t have a knack for turning those ideas into compelling content. A copywriter will do all that for you!
  2. A unique voice for your brand: a copywriter helps you create an identity, making your communications consistent. This unique brand voice will ensure you’re easily recognised and will set you apart from the competition.
  3. Action-driven and result-driven content: set specific goals and your copywriter will try to drive people to meet them. Do you want more interaction on social media? Ad clicks? Quote requests? Take your pick!
  4. A positive image: an expert will ensure you are posting texts without typos or mistakes, sentences that make sense and content that’s relevant to your audience, helping your consumers connect with your brand.
  5. SEO writing techniques and tricks: your copywriter has the technical knowledge to write texts that are both effective when read by the public and optimised for each platform you use. A copywriter knows how to ensure your content will benefit from the latest algorithms, making your business reach a bigger audience.
  6. A breath of fresh air: your copywriter is an outsider to your company, so they’ll bring new perspectives that are essential when it comes to innovating your brand.
  7. Time savings: by hiring a copywriting service, all you have to do is agree on the terms, send the briefings and wait for the content to be delivered.


You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Are you wasting yours?

Good content shared at the right time, in the right way, can get you magical results, changing a company’s story forever! On the other hand, a poor choice of words can endanger a campaign’s return, the success of an entire product line, and even the reputation of your brand. In some cases, the damage could amount to thousands of euros – something that most entrepreneurs just can’t afford. Thus, the importance of copywriting is clear: more than an aesthetic issue, it is a matter of hard profit.


Learn about SMARTIDIOM’s copywriting solutions! Count on a team of native copywriters with experience and expertise in your area of business. If you have questions about the best solution for your brand, get in touch. We’re here to bring your ideas to life!