“Our people”, our greatest asset

We are confident you are going to feel you are right where you belong with us.

We are always looking for the best professionals – the most competent, the most motivated and the most creative. We just want our people to give their best. And we believe that we are not asking a lot. Only the best from everyone can take SMARTIDIOM to unexplored territories, unprecedented opportunities and ever more daring distances. Click on the position that interests you the most and explore the possibilities we are offering right now.

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At SMARTIDIOM, we encourage Happiness at Work in our teams.

Sometimes, our ladies get special treatment.
08/03/2016 – Women’s Day
We do boot camps.
04/07/2015 – SMARTIDIOM Boot camp
We often receive praise from our customers.
28/07/2015 – Appreciation from a customer
We take part in solidarity events.
22/12/2015 – SMARTIDIOM’s “For a Christmas with + Solidarity” event
We have our own Smart Playlist.
Once a year we wear masks to work.
09/02/2016 – Carnival
Our payments are on time.
19/06/2015 – We joined the Prompt Payment Commitment
We enjoy traditional Portuguese afternoon snacks.
29/01/2015 – Project Manager Ana Claudino’s birthday celebration
We learn about other countries.
22/04/2016 – Taking part in T-Update, organised by EUATC, in Budapest
We leave encouraging messages for our colleagues.
21/05/2015- Messages from the Director of Operations, Leiria.
Our best ideas receive awards and compensation.
13/04/2016 – “Best SMART Idea” competition. The prize awarded was €648 in training
We celebrate our birthdays.
15/04/2015 – Project Manager André Marques’ birthday celebration
Sometimes, we get massages at work.
25/05/2015 – Special day for pampering!
Animals are our best friends.
12/02/2014 – Sponsoring Igor from the ‘União Zoófila’ as our canine godson
We invest in internal and external training.
16/05/2015 – Training “How to make your brand a benchmark”
We eat chocolate with no regrets.
02/04/2015 – Easter
Sometimes our customers send us sweets.
23/12/2014 – Afternoon snack generously offered by Panidor
We celebrate festive occasions.
11/11/2015 – Commemoration of St. Martin’s Day
We pamper each other.
03/12/2015 – Management offers Belgian chocolates from Brussels
We eat well.
04/05/2016 – Informal team lunch
We strive for a culture with a positive attitude.
21/12/2013 – SMARTIDIOM’s Christmas Dinner
We never miss our SMART anniversaries.
09/06/2015 – SMARTIDIOM’s 3rd anniversary
We exchange gifts on special occasions.
22/12/2016 – SMARTIDIOM’s Christmas Dinner
Sometimes our Team Leader pays for dinner.
31/03/2016 – Marketing team’s dinner
We go to exhibitions and fairs.
06/05/2015 – Tektónica, FIL
Sometimes we play sports for fun.
24/02/2015 – The Colour Run
We are proud to fly our colours.
27/03/2016 – Offer of a SMART jersey
We send gifts to our service providers.
30/05/2015- SMARTIDIOM’s anniversary
We go to the theatre as a team.
07/05/2016 – Commedia a la Carte, at the Porto Coliseum.

What our in-house team says about us

Tiago Cruz – Director of Operations

At SMARTIDIOM, I achieved my first in-house experience in translation and began to develop my project management and administrative skills, which I still use today. What I discovered immediately was a type of management that was very different from what I had experienced previously on the labour market. The company is managed around human resources, realising they are the most valuable resource. This approach makes a team that is determined, enthusiastic and focused on business objectives and, consequently, on our clients’ needs. In 2013, I had a new professional experience at a competing agency that had been on the market longer, and was able to expand my knowledge with a different approach, but I came back in 2015. This speaks for itself in terms of what SMARTIDIOM means for its people. SMARTIDIOM is clearly and unequivocally the ideal company, since it is not a company where we “work”, but rather a company where we achieve goals together.

Diana Lobo
Diana Lobo – Project Manager and Translator

Since I came to SMARTIDIOM, I have had the excellent opportunity to work with a young, dynamic, innovative team that is always ready to accept challenges, but I also managed to achieve professional and personal objectives, because I have improved my organisation in general, my time management skills and my ability to deal with (healthy) daily stress. Apart from this, I have significantly improved my communication and social skills, by focusing on our customers’ trust and satisfaction as they cross paths with SMARTIDIOM.

Rémy António – IT Specialist

After working in the web development area for many years, I arrived at SMARTIDIOM with great expectations. A new job, a new environment, and new responsibilities. Working here is a healthy challenge that makes us ever more capable in our areas of expertise, by developing us as individuals and as professionals! Today, SMARTIDIOM is not just one more company I have had the pleasure to work with – it is the company where I hope to remain for a really long time!

Certainly, you have heard of routine, monotonous jobs where you always do the same thing, with the same people. Really, we do not even know what that is! No two days are alike at SMARTIDIOM– yes, there are some people who are naturally relaxed, although at the same time aligned with the objectives and values of a brand that every day proves that the most important thing is the people.


Be part of a team that welcomes you with open arms from your first day at work and makes a point of not abandoning you, even on the most chaotic and hardest days.


Give your imagination free rein and contribute with your out-of-the-box ideas, to a brand that is growing by the second, made by people who make it a point to have an opinion and make themselves heard.


Dare to achieve your full potential, surpassing professional challenges that will put you to the test every day, and give you personal and professional satisfaction.


Have an impact on your life and on that of others, by choosing to be where your worth will actually be recognised.

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