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This Cookies Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy for the website (hereinafter website).

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In order to facilitate and provide a better browsing experience, SMARTIDIOM, Lda., headquartered at Rua Henrique Sommer, 2400-107 Leiria, Portugal, VAT No. 510300251, hereby states that it uses Cookies or similar files (hereinafter cookies).

Due to the way Internet communication standards work, access to websites may involve the use of cookies. SMARTIDIOM, LDA (hereinafter SMARTIDIOM), is responsible for the cookies and for processing the data obtained through cookies, whether its own or those of third parties, on its website, deciding on the purpose, content and use of the data collected.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user’s device when visiting a webpage.

The main purpose is to recognise the user when they access the website, to help improve its quality and improve and simplify the browsing experience.

Cookies are essential to the operation of the Internet; they do not cause damage to the user’s equipment or devices and, if enabled on their browser, will help identify and solve possible errors in the operation of the website.

Cookies used by SMARTIDIOM

By accessing the website, you expressly accept the use of these types of cookies on your devices.

If you disable cookies, website browsing may not be optimised and some of the website’s functions may not work properly.

Specifically, SMARTIDIOM uses cookies for the purposes identified below. The user will be duly informed should SMARTIDIOM use other cookies that are intended to provide more and better services.

Types of cookies:

Session cookies: Cookies that expire when the user ends their visit and leaves the website.

Persistent cookies: Cookies that remain stored on the user’s device after they leave the website and save their settings and preferences for the next time the user accesses the website.

Cookies we use:

Strictly necessary cookies: are essential for ensuring the proper operation and use of the website and respective features.

Statistical/analysis cookies: help us understand how visitors interact with the website through the collection of anonymised information.

Marketing cookies: allow adverts that are relevant to the user’s interests to be presented.

Third-party cookies: allow measurement of the success of third-party apps and adverts.

Functional cookies: retain user preferences, such as username, language, country, etc., and enable customisation of the browsing experience, since the cookie memorises the customisations in order to make the browsing experience more attractive. Furthermore, this type of cookie enables certain functions such as video or blog interaction.


Performance cookies: record how the website is used: for example, most-visited pages or error messages. They are designed to optimise the operation of the website.

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User configuration to avoid cookies

In accordance with the legislation in force, information is provided informing the user how they can configure their browser to manage and maintain their privacy and security in relation to cookies, through links to the official support website of the main browsers. Users can decide if they wish to accept or refuse cookies.


By continuing to browse this page without deactivating them the user accepts the use of cookies.


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