Quality Policy

SMARTIDIOM considers that quality is the level of precision, excellence and conformity to a certain standard. It is knowing how to do, how to learn and how to create. It is developing and implementing a Management and Monitoring System to evaluate daily work and encourage continuous improvement at all hierarchical levels within the company.

SMARTIDIOM’s main goals on Quality are:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of Customers and consumers;
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of Employees and Suppliers;
  • Continuous in-house development and training of Employees;
  • Collaboration and creation of close relationships with Suppliers;
  • Satisfaction of applicable requirements (Customers’ rules and regulations);
  • Implementation of mechanisms to monitor and assess performance, for consequent continuous improvement.

To achieve these goals, the following principles were developed:

Quality Service

We aspire to a careful conduct that makes it possible to satisfy the needs and quality standards set out by SMARTIDIOM and other stakeholders, namely the Customer, by monitoring working processes throughout all stages of production and assessing them qualitatively and quantitatively. We are committed to ensuring that our team’s skills and qualifications will meet our daily work requirements.

Client Satisfaction

We work according to the Customer’s deadlines and requirements. We regularly assess the customers’ levels of satisfaction and, in cases of dissatisfaction, we implement the necessary corrective actions to solve the problem and to prevent future occurrences.

Specialised Linguists

The training, skills and dedication of our linguists are essential to the Quality of the services we provide. We select our human resources through meticulous processes that focus on qualifications, specialisation and experience, while leaving the necessary room for continuous personal and team improvement. Our linguists work on their integrity, honesty and conformity with SMARTIDIOM’s Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Selected Service Providers

We work with meticulously selected Suppliers and guarantee that they meet the professional requirements imposed by internal policies and any other standards that govern SMARTIDIOM’s work.

Group Prosperity

The commitment to continuous improvement of SMARTIDIOM and all the internal and third parties involved in our work is reflected in the Quality Management System. It is an integral part of SMARTIDIOM’s strategy and is intended to ensure that the applicable requirements are met, the implemented processes are efficient, and the defined goals are achieved.

Date: 30/04/2018

Our customers deserve the best

With them in mind, we have implemented rigorous procedures that are followed by the whole team.
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